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This client got suspicious when Alice, his soon-to-be bride, started to stall at the prenup. He followed his instincts right to my door and had me tail Alice. I knew the deal was shady when I caught her hanging out with a regular dude. He picked up bills, brought her shopping. I did my research and found out that douchebag had a criminal record for fraud. I gave my client a good reason to tell Alice to go fuck herself before she could lay a hand on half his assets.

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It's a fucked up situation when a man settles down and tries to fucking make something out of his life by marrying the bitch that he, I guess at the time loves or whatever. This case the whore turned out to be exactly that a deceitful whore. She marries this guy for a greencard and once the paperwork is done she immeadeatly starts fucking around. It fucking sickens me and pisses me the fuck off how every fucking slut uses a man to get what they need and then spreads their filthy piece of shit pussy all over the place.

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